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PCORI Answers Critical Questions

Evidence gaps can make it difficult to know which approach to cancer care will work best given a particular patient’s needs. PCORI funds studies that seek to help patients, clinicians and others answer a range of questions they might have about cancer care, such as:

Clinician: What are the most effective treatments for a patient whose lung cancer didn’t respond to chemotherapy?

Patient: I have both diabetes and prostate cancer. How do I make sure my doctors have all the information they need when discussing my treatment options, so that we take into account all my health issues?

Patient: I have a family history of cancer, but not breast cancer. How often do I really need a mammogram?

Evidence Updates from PCORI-Funded Studies

A male adult of African-American race sits at a table, with hands clasped, in a display of anxiety. Early-Stage and Localized Prostate Cancer
Early-stage prostate cancer can be treated in different ways. Two recent PCORI-funded research studies provide new information on the effects of treatments and can help patients navigate their treatment decisions.

Cancer Study Spotlights

Improving Communication on Risk of Cancer Recurrence

This principal investigator explains that survivors of colorectal cancer need to understand there is more than just frequent testing that can be done to help prevent a recurrence of cancer.

Treating Insomnia in Patients With Cancer

A PCORI-funded research team reports in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that patients with cancer who experience insomnia fared better when they recieved cognitive behavioral therapy, compared with nondrug treatments like acupuncture.

Increasing Colon Cancer Screening Rates in the Hispanic Population

This PCORI-funded study compared the effectiveness of two communication approaches by the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Pennsylvania that aimed to increase the colon cancer screening rate among Hispanics.

Cancer Portfolio Snapshots

Cancer Portfolio - Most studied cancer types
Breast 22
Colorectal 12
Lung 12
Prostate 10
Cervical 9
Blood 5
As of November 2017
Cancer Project Portfolio - Areas of care addressed by number of projects
Prevention: 3
Screening: 10
Diagnosis: 10
Treatment 52
Survivorship: 12
As of November 2017